Economic anthropologist with research interests in the cultural nationalism of Pacific Island States, with special reference to Fiji; also research interest in changing culture of the middle class in an era of globalization, with special reference to issues of class and education in Istanbul; Recent publications are Cultural Preservation, in World at Risk: A Global Issues Sourcebook (2002), The Rise and Demise of Islamic Religious Schools: Discourses of Belonging and Denial in the Construction of Turkish Civil Society and Culture, Political and Legal Anthropology Review (1999), and Evaluating the Discourse of Tradition, Pacific Studies (2000); growing interest in the relationship of cultural pluralism, contested commodities, and intellectual property rights at the intersection of cultural anthropology and law.

Globalization, Middle-class Formation, and 'Quality' Education: Hyper-competition in Istanbul, Turkey

This paper focuses on within-class competition among families in the globalizing city of Istanbul, Turkey.

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